Canvas “Home!”

Working with canvas is something I discovered lately. It’s fun. There are no rules and the finished product is something creative and personal to decorate your home with. I love working with paint and all kinds of material such as old buttons, (rest)paper and sprays. Basically you should not be affraid and just try it out…I start out carefully. However there are techniques to adjust something if you did something you do not like. Basically it is using gesso, structuring paste and paint with all kinds of (rest)embelishments to create a wonderful piece of decoration.

DSC02665 DSC02673 DSC02676 DSC02674 DSC02677



Step 1: I started out with spraying the canvas. Just to create a base-color.

Step 2: Then I started using structuring past and masks to create some 3-dimensional depth.

Step 3: Further I painted the embelishments, e.g. buttons, hexagons or whatever you like and have in house.

Step 4: Than I started glueing the embellies to the canvas.

Step 5: However the color was to strong so I used gesso to adjust the strenght of the paint added before.

Step 6: Finally let it dry. Or keep on adding, painting, adjusting…no rules!

Step 7: The final result!


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