Layout ‘Waterfall-Mini-layout’ (tutorial)

This layout incorperates a little mini-album made with the so-called waterfall technique. This way one layout can include multiple pictures. Below I give a short tutorial how the waterfall technique works. However for easy video instruction there are may examples on UTube (e.g. )

DSC02835 DSC02836

Step1: Put a stripe of paper horizontally in the iddle of the layout and only glue the endings to the base paper.


Step 2: Take another similar stripe of paper and make one fold of a bigger space (see the space by my thumb) followed by small identical folds (as many as pictures you want to add). The long end of the paper will be the part you will pull later on.


Step 3: put the long unfolded part under the first stripe of paper. Glue the other end (the somewhat longer part up to the first fold on top of the first stripe of paper.




Step 4: Now you can glue small sheets of paper (upon which we will later glue the pictures) onto the small folded parts of the stripe of paper.




Step 5: Now the waterfall is ready to use. Pull on the longer end of the stripe of paper and you will see the sheets of paper will ‘fall’ after each other like a waterfall. Only add the pictures and done!

DSC02834 DSC02833

Final result: Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial 🙂




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