Mini-Maxi-Album 3.0

I first made this album during a workshop of the ….. Since then this is the third version of it. It is rather easy to do so always a nice gift.
My grandmother already has one, so my mother asked me if I could make one for her as well. My mom choose the paper from Prima Marketing “Rondelle”.

To make such an album you start out with basic cardstock as a shablone. With sport-tape you can make the shape of the suitcase.

DSC02746 DSC02760 DSC02748 DSC02749

blabla inhalt

Instruction for the using hinges….

First, put strong dubble sided tape on top of the hinge and in the lower middle part.


Then cut the 30×30 paper into 4 pieces.


In the following pictures you see how to glue the papers to the hinges…If you are not sure try it before actually glueing things together. In short, the whole base paper (yellow) is glued on top of the middle part of the hinge, thus the hinge “hugs” the yelow base-paper. Then glue the patterned paper to the top of the hinge.

DSC02723 DSC02724 DSC02725 DSC02727

And now its time to hop on quickly to Manuela!!! (You came from Alexandra)

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