Selfmade picture frame

This is based on an idea I saw during my Pinterst strolls… (Website Source). I took that Idea and just added my own decoration of spray, golden flakes and some dried flowers. This is a rather small version, however you can make it as big as you wish. Below a short tutorial on how to mkae this easy picture-frame.



  • clothpins
  • spray/paint/washitape etc to decorate the pins & centerpiece
  • thick cardstock for the centerpiece
  • glue (preferebale glue gun)

To put the frame together the pictures below speak for themselves…

DSC03644 DSC03645 DSC03646 DSC03647

Glue the clothpins backwards on top or if you prefer behind the centerpiece. The pictures are then attached by clicking them in the end of the clothpins. DSC03649

That’s it…you are done! Nice decoration for you home to hang up or put somewhere or to give as a present!

DSC03671 DSC03673 DSC03672 DSC03675

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