It’s time! You can register now for our Midsummer Battle! We certainly look forward to an exciting battle. There will be two teams – Team Mireia vs. Team Tina!


To recap, briefly summarized the most important rules:
* Participation – who is in which team will be decided upon registration randomly
* If during the registration period – until 20.00 p.m. Saturday evening 22.06.2013 – not enough participants can be found, the teams will have to fill the required number of participants by already registered members of their own team.
* The fight starts on Saturday, 22.06.2013, 20.0 p.m., the two layouts, which will be lifted, are respectively sent to the Start-scrapper of each team at 19.58 p.m.
* Everybody will scrap “right”, meaning to do more than only glue a photo onto a piece of paper. If not done properly one can be disqualified and the team has to do the lift (turn) over!

Sounds fun? come on over and join us at SBW-forum!

Das (Scrap-)Battle! [SBW-FORUM | Sun 24 Feb 2013 | 10:00]

As some might know I am active not only in Dutch Scrapbooking Fora’s but also regulary can be found at the Scrapbookwerkstatt Forum (Germany). I ended up here first because the SBW has so many great things in there shop and often very different to what you will find in Holland. The scrapbook-style of the Dutch differs much from how the German scrap. That is why I love to look around in both worlds.

Upcoming sunday 24.02.2013 in this very SBW Forum a battle is organized between two teams. You randomly can join one of those teams and when the battle starts the goel is to be creatively fast, which does not mean to scrap in a boring way. no each participant is asked to really scrap…The team who finishes first wins!And each member of the winning team also gets a 10 euro voucher for the online shop of the SBW !!!

Want to join? Come have a look at the Scrapbookwerkstatt Forum. you can enter the competition from tomorrow, thursday 21.02.2013! There is much more to see and do!